Invitation to the annual reporting and election meeting of BBBA


The Management board of the Bulgarian beekeepers’ breeding association, on the grounds of art. 11 – 13 of the Statute and Decision from the meeting of the MB of BBBA held on December 16, 2015, is calling an Annual reporting and election general assembly of BBBA which will be held on January 16, 2016 (Saturday) at 10:00 in the city of Gabrovo, 14, “Emanuil Manolov” str, “Druzhba” hall of the “Balkan” hotel complex.

The meeting’s agenda will be as follows:

  • Report on the Management board’s activity for the past year;
  • Adoption of the budget for 2016;
  • Report on the activity of the BBBA Control board;
  • Acceptance of the Annual financial report for the previous year to be entered in the Central register with the Ministry of Justice;
  • Discussion of changes to the association’s Statute;
  • Updating the list of members of BBBA;
  • Election of new Management and Control board;
  • Others.

All members of BBBA or their authorized representatives are invited to participate in the General assembly. In the event that quorum is not met, on the basis of art. 27 of the Law for the non-profit legal entities, the beginning of the assembly will be postponed by an hour and will begin at 11:00 at the same place with the same agenda regardless of the number of members present.