THE BULGARIAN BEEKEEPERS’ BREEDING ASSOCIATON pursues aims within the law, including::

  • Development of beekeeping and bee production with means and on terms derived from the Law for the non-profit legal entities, the Law on beekeeping and other laws and by-laws;
  • Uniting the efforts of professional beekeepers whose scope of activity is reproduction of genetic material and production of queen bees;
  • Conservation of local populations of Bulgarian honey bee and preservation of its genetic diversity;
  • Support and protection of beekeepers’ interests to solve current problems in the development of beekeeping and production of queen bees and swarms in the country;
  • Organization and performance of breeding and improvement work with bees on the country’s territory;


  • Preservation, improvement and review of the country’s genetic potential;
  • Support, guidance and uniting the efforts and activity of professional beekeepers to improve the quality and effectiveness of production and breeding of queen bees and swarms;
  • Cooperation with government bodies when applying policy in the field of beekeeping;
  • Providing current information for beekeepers, regarding the introduction of new environmentally friendly technologies and achievements in the area of production of queen bees and swarms;
  • Participation in the development and implementation of national, regional and individual programs for improvement and preservation of the genetic potential of bees on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.


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