Scope of Operation

The association has the following scope of operation:

  • Unites, supports and guides the activity and efforts of professional beekeepers in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of production and breeding of queen bees and swarms;
  • Supports the performance of activities related to scientific research, procedures and technologies for production of queen bees and swarms with valuable biological and economic qualities;
  • Cooperates and takes part in the development of selection programs and methods for improvement of the used species of Bulgarian honey bee;
  • Construction of proprietary material base for research and production of queen bees and swarms;
  • Produces queen bees and swarms for the needs of beekeepers in the country;
  • Actively participates in activities related to breeding and improvement work to achieve high fertility of queen bees and honey productivity of bee families;
  • Performs activities related to maintaining the ecological equilibrium and biodiversity in nature, for creation of a suitable environment for production of fertile queen bees and reproduction of high-quality and healthy bee families;
  • Cooperates for the selection of bee families according to indicators guaranteeing their classification as Bulgarian honey bee;
  • Holds practical training and qualification courses for beekeepers to improve their knowledge and skills when raising bee families;
  • Organizes and participates in national and international conferences, symposiums, meetings, seminars, shows and other public events related to the production of queen bees and swarms;
  • Uses all media outlets for distribution of information and knowledge by preparing and distributing informational and other materials;
  • Creates and maintains a database for its members;
  • Also performs other activities related to the association’s main aims, as well as such that are not in conflict with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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